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Want to Change Your Hair Color?

Advice on Color Correction For Hair


Change Your Hair Color - Women with eyes closed and dark blonde hairWant to change your hair color? Talk to us. We’ll listen to you, look carefully at your problem and give you our recommendations on how to get the color results you want, as well as improve the condition of your hair. Our hair coloring services are unbeatable in New York City. Hair color looks its beautiful best when the hair is healthy.

If you’ve been coloring your hair for a while and you’re not happy or exited with the results, it’s time to examine what is happening.

Brunette hair has become dark and flat? One solution is to place fine highlights throughout the hair to bring back tones of red and gold that were darkened with repeat coloring. The shading allows the hair to sparkle and gives it a more natural feeling.

Highlights have lost all contrast and shading? One solution is to add various shades of lowlights throughout the head, with one shade darker than the natural. This technique allows the blond hair to shine through the deeper tones making the hair look healthy and beautiful.

Highlights disappear after a few shampoos? Fine highlights executed with hair color instead of a lightener will look great when you leave the salon, but will oxidize and disappear or become flat and mousy after a few shampoos. One solution is to place a few thicker highlights throughout the hair with a mild lightener, and if necessary add a few lowlights for contrast and depth.

Red hair has lost its sparkle? One solution is to reformulate your existing formula to include a more vibrant tone of red. If the red is dark or brownish, we need to remove some of the build-up with a mild lightener and then proceed to touch-up roots with lighter, brighter formula.

Tired of blond hair/ red hair /or any type of lighten hair/ and want to go back to your natural color? There are various techniques to accomplish this depending on the amount of re-growth and the condition of the hair. One solution is to lowlight the entire head with various shades of color close to your natural (darker and lighter). Using this technique results in a more natural blend, leaving the hair looking healthier, shinier and beautiful.

Contact Us for more information on our hair coloring services at Rubann Hair Salon NYC.

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