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First Time Hair Color

You’ve decided to color your hair for the first time. Congratulations! We know that you have a lot of questions and would like to first discuss a few important things with you. Are you trying to cover gray? Are you tired of mousy looking color? Do you feel your natural color is too dark for you? Too light? You want to go extreme and completely change your look? Or do you simply want to explore options on how to improve shine, texture, and health of your hair? Don’t worry, we at Rubann – New York City’s premier hair coloring salon will meet all your needs.

First TIme Hair ColorGray hair? Gray can be covered or blended using many techniques. Depending on your time commitment we would discuss various ways that are suitable for you. If the percentage of gray is minimum, we might choose to use a semi-permanent color in your natural shade just to blend without any major changes. This method can be re-touched every few months. You might decide to go lighter than your natural, in which case we might decide to add a few strategically placed highlights, to add richness and shine.


If you have a significant amount of gray, a beautiful way of covering gray is to highlight the whole head; while the foils are still on the head, we color the rest of the hair a darker shade of blond. The end result is a beautiful, vibrant, blond on blond color. When we say, “Gray hair becomes young and vibrant!”, we’re talking about these results.

blonde-hairMousy looking color? There are many simple ways to enrich mousy, dull hair. We can add a glaze to bring out shine and warm tones. We could add a few highlights in various shades to enrich the color. We could go bright and bold by adding lots of highlights in complementary tones to your skin.

Natural color too dark? Depending on how light you want to be, we could either highlight the whole head into reddish, caramel, or honey-gold tones, or a combination of these tones for a more interesting brunette.


We could highlight the whole head into a dark blond with cooler tones. If you want to be really light, we could heavily highlight the whole head with much lighter tones. The choice will depend on you and how you see yourself.

blonde-looksideNatural color too light? We can simply add a darker glaze to add depth and shine. If you are not fond of blond, we could add darker shades to your natural color with the lowlight technique. The end result would be deeper, richer looking color

If you want to go extreme, our hair coloring service will meet your needs. What is extreme for you may not seem so to someone else.

The majority of our clients want beautiful natural looking color, but we do have a percentage of young people that want something different, daring and fun. We do it all, if you want bold color in purple, blue, magenta, electric red, iridescent silver, or any combination of these and other fun shades, we will execute it with class and elegance.

We find that when describing colors, tones, and shades, most clients are not skilled in translating the subtleties in words, for this reason we prefer pictures. We find there is less of a chance for a misunderstanding if we see a picture. Please save and bring with you all pictures of hair color that appeal to you. Visit our hair coloring salon in Midtown Manhattan

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