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Transitioning to Gray Hair?


Image of happy, mature woman after transitioning to gray hair.

Mature woman with hand on chin

When a client says these magic words: “I’m Done!” – as in, “I’m done coloring my hair every two to six weeks (and never really liking the results anyway!)” -We know she is ready to transition. More and more women these days are deciding to go natural and embrace, and even enhance, their gray hair. We are seeing women in their early thirties with very few gray hairs to older women with completely white hair, and every combination in between, come in and say, “I’m Done!”

After making the decision, however, many find it frustrating and challenging to wait up to two years, depending on the length of the hair, for the gray to completely grow in. We get it; the in-between stage of half-gray and half-tinted is not a flattering look. But cutting the hair short does not have to be an option!

Transitioning to gray hair does not have to be a long, drawn-out process with ugly or unwanted color. We can transition you in one to three visits depending on the lightness or darkness of your existing color. Each time you leave the salon, your hair will be beautiful and more natural-looking with platinum, silver, or white strands. And if it does take two to three visits for the transition, the visits are months apart, allowing your hair to grow and blend before we need to adjust it further.

All we need is one month of growth to start the transition (longer is great but not necessary), enough to see your natural gray pattern. After determining the amount of white verses dark hair, and where it is on the head, we will follow that pattern by applying an appropriate amount of white strands to the length of the hair, creating a balance of light and dark so the hair will grow in without a line of demarcation. If you’ve been coloring your hair light brown or dark blonde the transition can be accomplished in just one visit!

Whatever time it takes for your hair to grow in fully, your journey will be pleasurable and easy, and you will love every stage. Every client we have helped transition has been amazed and thrilled with the results!

“Are You Done?”


client 8 6Master Hair Colorist Anne Marie Barros on the trend to embrace gray hair and the beauty of “Cool” Tones

White, silver, and platinum used to be considered hair color tones worn only by grandmothers. Not anymore! Today these tones are very much in style, and work great on all age groups. White, silver, platinum, and pewter – or “cool” tones – are all rich, modern, high fashion tones that complement almost every color wardrobe. Silver and platinum jewelry looks young, bright and fresh on nearly everyone, so why not hair color? In fact, as our hair starts to gray, our skin tones change as well, allowing these shades to complement the complexion rather than contrast with it. However, graying hair is not limited to people over forty or fifty, it’s also experienced by young adults in their teens and twenties, and, with the right treatment, can look gorgeous on anyone.

Cooler tones work best when blended with or used to enhance existing gray. To achieve this, we can do anything from adding just a few strands of platinum or silver to enhance your existing gray or silver all the way to giving you a full head of platinum, or any combination in between. Embracing your gray does not have to be boring or aging, but fun, liberating and exciting! If you’ve been covering up those pesky grays and not liking the results, it’s time to rethink your hair color. We can help you transition from flat one-dimensional color to vibrant, cool tones of silver, platinum, white, and pewter, which will ultimately work better for you and your lifestyle.

gray1After we complete your transition, we can help keep your color looking fantastic by giving the hair whatever it needs – a color glaze to eliminate yellow tones and add shine, or adding platinum or silver strands to brighten certain key areas, especially around the face. We can also add dark strands to areas such as the nape and back to create a more dramatic contrast. Whatever it takes to make the hair look beautiful! Everyone we have helped transition has absolutely loved the results!

Are you ready to be “cool”?

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