About Rubann Hair Salon in NYC

About Rubann Salon

Rubann is a friendly, relaxed full-service salon in Manhattan, with special expertise in hair color. Every member of our staff is fully trained and experienced in color techniques. In fact, we perform more color services in a day than most salons do in a week. We love helping clients’ hair color dreams come true. Maybe that’s why many of our clients travel to us from all over the country and around the world.

Whether you are a first time client, or a long time friend and supporter of the salon, you have the benefit of a team effort in solving your hair color and styling needs. Ruben, Ann Marie, or a senior colorist will consult with you, determine a course of action, and appoint a qualified staff member for your particular needs.

Our aim is to have every client leave the salon happy, confident, and feeling beautiful with her color and style. If for whatever reason you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the person who worked with you, or the person is away the day you need them, we encourage you to try one of our other colorist/stylists.

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Rubann is unique because the entire salon is devoted to hair color. Ruben, Ann Marie, and their senior colorist/stylists have worked together many years and personally train each new hairdresser that joins the staff. Hair color requires years of training and practice to fully understand techniques, trust products performance, and translate a client’s vision into reality.

Not all hairdressers qualify to become expert colorists. Hair color is scientific, artistic, meticulous and fun! A hairdresser has to have the vision for beautiful color, know chemistry so that they can devise a roadmap or course of action with appropriate products, and at the same time have the patience to execute the techniques that will allow them to attain their client’s goal. It’s fun and rewarding to see the client so happy when the color and style come together just as she had envisioned it.

To become an expert, the staff member first starts out as an assistant to familiarize themselves with mixing, formulation, color application techniques, highlighting patterns, low-lighting concepts, understanding differences in bleach, lighteners, and colors, and how the hair reacts to these products. They learn to listen to what the client is saying so that there are fewer misunderstandings of what she is looking for.

We ask them to practice weekly on volunteers, so that we can evaluate and monitor their progress. It takes years to truly become an expert. We only allow a hairdresser to work on a client when we’re completely confident that he or she has mastered all techniques, and understands all concepts.

Ruben and Ann Marie opened Rubann over 20 years ago. Before opening their own salon, they spent many years educating hundreds of hairdressers in the art of hair coloring – from participating in color seminars in New York City to conducting in-house training at salons throughout the country. This commitment to education is evident at Rubann, where they personally train every staff member. So you know you’re in good hands! If you are looking for a NYC hair color salon please consider Rubann.